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¦Yumiko's P.O.V¦

School was normal, well, as normal as it was going to get. The students weren't a problem since they never messed with me but that's probably because I would give them the most deadliest glare that could kill millions. Sadly it didn't work on that horse and his friends. But what could you expect from the person who could make the sun jealous?

Soon the time I slightly was hoping didn't come finally came, school was over and it was time to meet Yoongi at the gate. Walking down the hallway I kept my head down just in case he saw me on the way out, not like we were going to see each other later anyway. Since my last class was on the top floor it took a while for me to get down all the steps and out the building.

"Well, there's my exercise for the week," I mumbled to myself. Looking around the gate I didn't see him anywhere, so I decided to put my ear buds in and blast some NF to try and find the right melody for my song. I clenched my jaw as a few past memories surfaced. "Iko....umiko....
Yumiko!" A voice yelled, tugging my sleeve. I jolted and yanked myself away from whoever it was. With wide eyes I looked over to see that it was only Yoongi. His eyes were full of worry as his face showed confusion. 

"Sorry, you just startled me, that's all." I mumbled as I looked away from him. He didn't say anything, I was grateful for that, he just held out his hand for me to take. With a pink tint dusting across my ears and nose, I held his hand and let him tug me to wherever it was that he wanted to take me. After a few minutes he pulled one of my ear buds out and placed it in his ear. I didn't mind it, sometimes he would rap to the parts he knew. He was talented in raping, I couldn't deny that. It was a nice thing to listen to. 

After a few more minutes we finally made it to a small shop near the woods. "You're not gonna kill me are you?" I asked in a joking manner. He only smirked which made my skin crawl a little. Walkingdown in the place was warm and cozy. There weren't that many people, just an elderly couple and a few teens working on their computer. Yoongi tugged on my hand as he went up to the lady at the register. "Ah my sweet little moon pie. How are you?" she asked with a smile.

"I'm doing good grandma. Its nice to see the shop after being away from it for so long. I brought amom friend this time, I he needs some...inspiration," Yoongi said with a playful smile. I looked between them confused. I knew there was something I was missing, but I couldn't get it. With a wide smile, I Yoongi's grandma nodded and gave him a old silver key. "C'mon Yumiko, you won't get much down here on the ground," Yoongi said smiling. He had a gummy smile that seemed like it could get anyone to buy him something.

Walking up the stairs and climbing to the attic he took me to an opening in the room and climbed through. "Come on or you're gonna miss it!" Yoongi said holding out his hand. I reached and jumped a little to grab his hand. After pulling me up I was amazed at the beauty before me. The sun wasn't setting, but the was the tall trees blocked some of it was a  beautiful sight to see. A smile danced on my lips as little shocked laughs left my lips. "This- this is amazing. I never knew a place like this could exist." I said softly, my eyes were wide as I relished in the beauty.

Pulling out my phone I took a selca with Yoongi just as a plane flew in the distance, the color the sun gave off making the male next to me look ethereal. It was so calming up here and the music from my phone helped with everything. I was motivated and had my inspiration. All because of a certain guy. I smiled at I looked up as the sky, the wind blowing through my sandy orange hair.

This was euphoria....


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