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This should be illegal! How did we even end up like this?! Do something Brain! Don't let this happen! Yumiko thought, but his brain betrayed him as his eyes wandered to Yoongi's thin yet slightly plump lips. Abort abort! Red light! Mayday mayday we have a problem! Why am I looking as his shiny and pink lips?! Wait... ShiNY?! Please help!!! Yoongi chuckled seeing the male having an internal breakdown as he looked at him with multiple thought swirling his mind. "I'm not going to tell you again Yumiko," Yoongi said as he tilted his head. Yumiko shook his head, trying to think straight as he looked elsewhere. 

"In class with Namjoon, we were told to pick a quote that we won't forget and write about why we chose that. Well, mine was a quote that my mother would always tell me. I don't like to talk about my past much, so when I did, I wanted to be left alone for a while. Once the bell rung, I left out without grabbing my stuff and decided to go to the roof to relax and clear my mind. Hoseok wouldn't have understood, I don't think anyone could understand the way I was feeling at that moment; but it seemed as if me just disappearing gave Hoseok the worries as he asked you guys to help find me.

I was truly on the roof; I was just in a more secluded area on the roof than I would usually be. I'm sorry I made you guys worry, but I can't always tell you guys my problems. There will be times when I just run off, but I'll be back later as if nothing happened. Now could you please get off me. I'm a little uncomfortable with you between my legs." Yumiko finally said as he crossed his arms over his chest. 

Yoongi was quiet for a while before leaning down next to the shorter male's temple and placed a small and gentle kiss there. Yumiko gasped and Yoongi stood straight again before leaving out the room, out the house, and walked to his own home. Yumiko on the other hand, was still in the same position as before but with a hand over his heart. 

It was racing with speed, like a mustang running in a horse race wanting to get first place. What the hell happened? Yumiko thought as he squeaked softly rushing under the covers. I'm too tired and embarrassed to change. After tossing and turning for fifteen minutes, Yumiko finally fell asleep.

Morning came hours later, as Hoseok was waking up Yumiko as if there was a fire. "Yumiko wake up quickly! It's time for school!" he yelled swinging the door open. It didn't bother Yumiko until he felt a something heavy land on him and wiggle around. "Yah! Hoseok if you don't get your fat ass off me!" Yumiko wheezed out. Laughing a little while saying, "sorry namdongsaeng," Hoseok got up and scratch the back of his head. 

"There's this new coffee shop that opened last night, we should head there while going to school. It is close by there, so we won't be late. What do you say?" Hoseok asked with wide hoping eyes. With a sigh Yumiko nodded followed by him telling the other male to get out. After Hoseok left out Yumiko stretched his arms up, hearing a few pops and cracks letting a sigh of content leave his lips. I should apologize to my teachers and ask for extra work. 

Yumiko thought as he grabbed his 'meh, as long as I'm comfortable' outfit, which consists of grey joggers, a white tee, his timberlands, and a grey beanie. Once done he made sure to have everything he would need for the day and went down to the kitchen. "So how much longer will it take for Yoshi's school to be redid?" Yumiko asked as he saw Yoshi watching TV in her pajamas.

"The school will be letting the students back in in two more days, why?" Hoseok asked after swallowing a chunk of toast. "Nothing really, I just don't feel comfortable knowing our little sister is at home alone and something could happen to her," Yumiko said grabbing him a banana. "Don't worry Yumiko Oppa, I've been learning self-defense for a while, and I know you guys have keys, so I won't have to open the door for anyone." Yoshi said, a reassuring plain making its way to her lips. 

Nodding Hoseok and Yumiko started walking to the door. "We'll be back around our usual time, don't eat too much junk food, and make sure to text one of us if something happens and You need help. Love you," Yumiko said as he was pulled out of the house by His older step brother. "Do you want to go to the cafe again or not? We could just get something to drink at school," Hoseok asked, finally letting go of Yumiko. "It's up to you, but I'm not drinking anything from school anymore. I always find someones' hair in my drinks. 

Hoseok didn't say anything afterwards. Instead he nodded and the two went to the cafe to get them drinks. After getting them drinks the two made it to school with a few minutes to spare. "I'm going to go to the library, you can go wherever you want." Yumiko said, walking down the hallway from the cafeteria. Yumiko made it to the library and decided to sit in the back by the window seal and listen to music and write down some lyrics of his own.

After a few minutes the earbud to his left was pulled out making him look at the culprit with wide eyes. "What are you listening to?" he asked, placing the earbud in his ear. "None of your concern. Now leave and stop bothering me," Yumiko said, taking his earbud back. Yumiko tried focusing on the music and writing down lyrics, hoping yoongi would just walk away. But Yoongi didn't leave, and that made Yumiko nervous once he remembered what had happened between them last night. With heat rising to his face he spoke through gritted teeth to Yoongi. 

"What is it you want?" Yoongi thought for a while even though he obviously knew what he wanted to ask the shorter. A sigh left Yumiko's lips as he gave Yoongi back the left earbud. "I'm listening to random music genres so I can get inspiration for my lyrics. But not much luck has come my way."

Yoongi smiled after hearing the answer he was waiting for. "Well it seems luck has finally come your way. I've produced some songs of my own before. So I know where to get the best inspiration from. We can go after school if you want." Yoongi said bobbing his head to the song that was currently playing. After a while Yumiko gave the latter a short nod as the bell rang. "Cool, I'll meet you at the gate after school. Make sure to be there." Yoongi said smiling before giving Yumiko back his earbud. The two went separate ways and made it to class before the next bell.

Sorry that this chapter is so short. I didn't mean for it to be this short. I just have school work to get done and I have writers block. But I promise i'm doing my best and will have a new chapter in a few months tops.  


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