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Once Yumiko walked through the door he was engulfed in a tight bear hug. "Yah! Do you know how worried I was?! I thought someone kidnapped you!" Hoseok yelled in pure worry and annoyance. Yumiko struggled out the males' grip with a huff. "I was just hanging out with Taehyung! You can't get mad at me for that!" Yumiko said making Hoseok let go. "You found him?" Hoseok asked. "Not exactly, he told me where he was and I was going to go beat his ass"- Hoseok cut him off yelling "language!" making Yumiko sigh. "I was going to go beat his butt, but there were too many people to do so, so we just talked at ate at a noodle cafƩ. Nothing more, nothing less, Okay?" Yumiko asked.

Hoseok was quiet for a while making Yumiko slightly nervous. That was until A huge grin broke out on Hoseok's face as he squealed like a high school girl and hugged the latter while jumping up and down. "I'm so proud of you!" He said in a sing song like voice. "What are you talking about? Yah! Stop it you horse!" Yumiko said trying to push the other away. Hoseok let go and stepped back some, the huge grin still plastered on his face. "What's wrong with you?" Yumiko said with a huff while straightening out his now wrinkled shirt. "Oh nothing," Hoseok said as he turned on his heels and walked to the kitchen. With a sigh the male ruffled his hair and went to his room.

Time seemed to fly by quicker than wanted as Yumiko barely got sleep. The sun shinned brightly through the window making the male groan in annoyance. "C'mon Yumiko! We need to get to school early!" Hoseok yelled making the latter groan louder. Throwing the covers off his body Yumiko proceeded to do his morning routine but just a little faster than usual. Once done with his routine the male then proceeded down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab an apple. "Alright I'm ready," he said looking for Yoshi. "Where's Yoshi? She went to school already?" Yumiko added while walking out the door.

"Nah, didn't you get a call from her school? They're closing it for a few renovations thanks to some kids pulling a prank," Hoseok said as he drunk some Starbucks flavored coffee. The two walked to school in silence. It was a comfortable silence to Hoseok, but for Yumiko, it was awkward and annoying. "Why did we have to leave the house so early anyways? What's so important for us to get to school early?" Yumiko asked breaking to silence much to his pleasure. "You'll see." Was all Hoseok said, pulling the two back into the silence Yumiko didn't want. He would've put on some music, but he forgot to grab his headphones from the nightstand. I should have checked to see if I had everything.

He thought as he let out a long sigh. Finally, the two reached the school, Yumiko let out a sigh of relieve when he walked through the school doors. There was barely any student inside the building and much less down the hallways as Hoseok and Yumiko was walking farther down the corridors. "Still won't tell me where it is, we're going?" Yumiko asked. Hoseok continued to stay quiet making Yumiko groan in annoyance and stop walking. When Hoseok noticed the latter stopped, he stopped and turned to look at him. "What's wrong?" Hoseok asked confused.

"You're really asking me what's wrong when I've been asking you the same question since this morning. Dude! Where are we going?" Yumiko asked raising his voice a little. A small sigh left Hoseok's' lips as he ruffled his hair. "I was told not to tell you. Would you just follow me until we get there?" Hoseok asked in a pleading tone. Another groan left the youngers' lips as he nodded and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Thank you," Hoseok said as they continued walking. "Shut up you horse," Yumiko said.

"Ouch, how rude," Hoseok said trying to lighten up the moody boy. Yumiko stayed quiet the rest of the way. After one last turn the two finally stopped walking and met up with the rest of Hoseoks' friends. "What took you guys so long?" Namjoon asked stretching his arms in the air. "This kid didn't want to get up," Hoseok said with a small chuckle. Yumiko scoffed as he turned his head the other way and crossed his arms.

"C'mon, it couldn't have been that bad." Jungkook said with an awkward smile when seeing Yumiko's lips in the form of a frown. "Can someone just tell me why we're here?" Yumiko asked annoyed. "Well, after school we're going to a bar to celebrate my parents not getting a divorce," Taehyung said with a bright smile. Yumiko dropped his arms and gave him a smile. "Sure thing, Tae," Yumiko said ruffling the male's hair. "Alright, now let's go the cafeteria so we can eat. It should be open by now." Namjoon said to the others.

They all nodded and went back to the front of the school. After about 15 minutes or so they had all eaten breakfast and went to their classes. Once again Jungkook didn't pay attention but got all questions that was thrown at him correct. Speaking of Jungkook, he kept looking over at Yumiko who was quiet the whole time. He tilted his head in confusion as the latter furrowed his brows with a pouty frown ghosting his lips. He could tell Yumiko was in thoughts, but it annoyed him a little that he wasn't saying anything.

"Yumiko, please answer the question on the board," the teacher said when noticing the male wasn't paying attention. Yumiko stood up and walked to the board grabbed the chalk, and wrote the answer he thought was correct. "Thank you, you got it correct. Now go sit down and try to pay attention more." Yumiko quietly nodded his head and went to sit back down. Still, Jungkook could tell there was a lot of stuff on his mind. Should I confront him about it? Maybe he'll snap out of it later. If not, then I'll ask Hoseok Hyung about it. Maybe he knows. Jungkook thought with a nod.

Whatever it was that was bothering Yumiko, he was determined to find out; no matter how long it took. After thirty whole minutes the bell finally rung jolting Yumiko out of his thoughts. "Wait class is over? Didn't it just start?" Yumiko asked Jungkook in confusion. "What- no class started forty-six minutes ago, what were you thinking about that made you space out for that long?" Jungkook asked tilting his head. Yumiko stared at the male, the way his hair fell a little over his eye was strangely calming. It made him want to play in the males' hair.

Quickly shaking his head Yumiko sighed and pushed that desire away. "It's nothing." He said before turning on his heels and walking out the classroom. Jungkook watched as Yumiko left, a long sigh crawled its way out his mouth as he ruffled his hair in slight annoyance and left the classroom as well to get to his next class on time. Meanwhile, Yumiko was studying over the Korean language from a book he bought at the public library.

"Good morning class. Today we will be doing our usual start off the class routine. Pick a quote that you won't forget and write about why you chose that. Give meaning to it, don't just put "because I thought it was cool," because I know there's a deeper reason to why you chose it. You can start now," the teacher said once she was done giving out college ruled paper.

Namjoon thought for a while, then looked around the classroom to see if Yumiko was already writing. Once spotted, he could see the male had a frown on his face as he ruffled his hair in slight anger and annoyance. What is he thinking about? Namjoon thought as he turned away and looked at his own paper. Thinking about when he was young, he remembered a quote a lady would always say at the Church he went to. After a few minutes it was time to present what they had.

After a few students went, it was soon Namjoon's turn. Walking up to the front Namjoon stood professionally and spoke in the proper voice so the whole class could hear. "When I was young, I would always go to church with some friends of mine to help around. There was this lady who would always smile and be there. Her favorite quote was "Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today, let us begin", her name was Mother Teresa. Sadly, she passed away from being ill, but she was never forgotten as she lived her life to the fullest, and left her name in our hearts." When Namjoon finished speaking, many of the student's started clapping for him and whistling.

"Thank you Namjoon, we might of not met her when alive, but I'm sure she'd be proud of you," The teacher said smiling softly. Namjoon nodded as he went to go sit back down. "Next we have Yumiko. Please come show us what you have," the teacher stated. Yumiko nodded as he walked to the front. Tilting his head down a little his bangs covered his eyes as a light sigh left his lips.

"No other quote has ever touched my heart but the one my mom would always tell me. When I'm feeling down, having trouble, or if I just need to be alone, she was always there for me. Whenever I'm on the roof crying and upset, she would go up there and sit next to me with the sweet smile that she would always give to me when I'm down and say, "Don't worry. Look at the sky and tell me what you see," Yumiko took a deep breath as he continued.

"I told her the stars, and she chuckled patting my head. She then said, "Those are the people who died, you see, everybody dies but not everybody lives," a sad chuckle left the males' lips as he shook his head. "I didn't know what that meant until she and my little sister were gone. You see that saying means that death is for sure to happen but the life is not lived by everyone. Very few enjoy life and live life to the fullest." Yumiko said, the bell rung as he walked out the classroom.

The whole class was still for a while, wide eyes and mouth agape. 'C- Class dismissed." The teacher said awkwardly. Everyone left out the class and went to their next period. Namjoon noticed that Yumiko left his bag there, and grabbed it so he could either give it to the male or to Hoseok. Whichever person he found first was whom he would give it to. Meanwhile, Yumiko was walking to a secluded area that no one knew of. It was a hidden area on the rooftop that was hidden behind a wall.

That's the last time I ever tell a whole class my backstory. Yumiko thought ruffling his hair. After a few more classes, it was finally lunch, but Yumiko decided to stay on the top of the school. He knew Hoseok would bombard him with questions as to where he's been. Looking at his phone he saw multiple texts from different numbers. Two he knew of, the others, he didn't.

Hoseok: Yumiko! Where are you?!

Hoseok: yah! Answer your phone!

Hoseok: Yumiko I'm starting to think you

ditched school...

Hoseok: Are you still in school?

Hoseok: I checked the rooftop and didn't see you.

Hoseok: Namjoon Gave me your bag, where

the fuck are you?


Little AlienšŸ‘½: Yumiko Hoseok hyung

is looking for you.

Little AlienšŸ‘½: Where are you? I'm starting

to worry.

Little AlienšŸ‘½: Now I see how you felt. You can

come out now, I'm not playing Yumiko

Little AlienšŸ‘½: Please?


xxx-xxx-xxxx: This is Jungkook. Where are you?

xxx-xxx-xxxx: Hoseok hyung is turning red looking

for you. Where are you?


xxx-xxx-xxxx: Yumiko it's Namjoon

xxx-xxx-xxxx: I gave your bag to Hoseok hyung.

xxx-xxx-xxxx: I noticed you were upset, do you

want to talk about it?


A sigh left Yumiko's lips as he gave them a lick. He didn't feel like talking to anyone. It would be stupid to anyways. Why would he tell them about his past if he's not going to see them when he graduates? I mean yeah, Hoseok will still be hanging out with them, but I won't. The male thought as he closed his eyes. He leaned against the wall after turning his phone to silent. It was vibrating too much and it was starting to annoy him. Realizing he would have to deal with an angry and worried sick Hoseok along with a confused Yoshi, the male groaned sliding down the wall and onto the rough concrete.

"I'll just sneak into my window and lock the door. I don't feel like seeing anyone right now," Yumiko said as he let out a sigh for the umpteenth time today. Meanwhile, Hoseok was panicking on where Yumiko was. He's checked all the quiet places, all the semi- quiet places, and all his favorite places. "Have you guys found him yet?" Hoseok asked Namjoon and Jimin who just walked up to him. "No, maybe he went home though?" Jimin said, although it was more of a question as he himself didn't know where Yumiko could be.

Hoseok let a worried sigh escape as he ruffled his hair in frustration. "This might be like him, but he's never done this in school!" Hoseok said in pure worry. "Wait, you mean he's done this before at home?" Jimin asked with wide eyes. "Of course. You've noticed how he's been. He's not the type to put a mask over his emotions, he just goes missing for a while but comes back. He's never done it at school though, he'd send a text saying he went home; even though I know he means he left the school to clear his mind. But he's never done anything like this," Hoseok said as he sighed once again and shook his head.

"Let's meet with the others, see if they have any leads." He added before walking off. Jimin and Namjoon looked at the older in worry and pity. They've never seen Hoseok this worried or stressed, it's a whole new side of him that they don't like, nor would they want to see in the future.

Meanwhile, Yumiko woke up as the third bell rung, getting annoyed he decided to finally go to class so he wouldn't be woken up by the bell anymore. Is he still looking for me? Are they all looking for me? Yumiko thought as he checked his phone. His eyes widen when seeing over 200 texts from Hoseok, 45 from Jimin, 78 from Jungkook, 33 from Yoongi, 80 from Taehyung, 21 from Seokjin, and 56 from Namjoon. Not just that, but he's gotten 77 calls from Hoseok too. He stopped in his tracks as he opened the messages and red over them.


Hoseok: I swear if you don't answer your

phone you're not getting any of my cooking!

Hoseok: Okay I know I can't cook but please answer!

Hoseok: I swear I'm going to have a heart attack

Hoseok: Yumiko please don't do this. Tell me where you are.

Hoseok: You aren't mad at me right?

Hoseok: I've look everywhere, if you're not home before seven sharp,

I'll be calling the police.


There was still more, but Yumiko decided not re read them, he checked the others, seeing how they were all related to his absence. I didn't think they would care, then again, Hoseok probably told them to help look for me. Yumiko thought, a small smile powdering his face as he sighed happily. Quickly he walked to his last class which had no other that Yoongi in it. Once he walked in the room Yoongi was already looking at him with wide eyes. With an awkward wave from Yumiko Yoongi looked away.

He's too cute and clueless, even for an idiot. Yoongi thought shaking his head. "Alright class, today we're going to create a song with a partner and sing it in the next two months. As you know, some people in this class want to become musical composers in their feature career. So, we will be giving them an opportunity to create their own song with a partner. I'll be giving you a paper that will show you what you need to have in your song. As of now, grab a partner and get started," the teacher said as she played some light instrumental music. Immediately Yoongi's hand held Yumiko's wrist just as Yumiko was halfway standing up.

"Where do you think you're going shorty? You're stuck with me for this." The latter said lazily. Yumiko gulped as he slowly nodded and sat back down. "S- So what are we going to be doing?" Yumiko asked. Yoongi was still holding onto Yumiko's wrist, causing a light pink to dust his cheeks and ears. If anyone saw from afar, it would look wrong, Yumiko knew what they were, and they were just people who knew one another.

So why is my heart racing? He thought to himself. After a few minutes, Yumiko started spacing out once again as he thought back to his mother and little sister. I wonder if they can see me now. Would they be proud of me? I remember when mom told me that if she was to die, she would be watching over me, and if I needed guidance then she would be there for me. Is she doing that now? Yumiko thought, a small frown laying on his sweet lips as his eyebrows furrowed. "Yah, Yumiko are you listening?" a voice snapped, pulling the male out from his long line of thoughts.

"What?" Yumiko asked slightly confused. Yoongi sighed as he thumped Yumiko on his forehead. "Ow! What was that for?" Yumiko asked. "you love to space out, don't you? Look, after school and after the celebration, I want you to tell me what's been going on in that head of yours. Got it?" Yoongi asked raising a brow. Yumiko silently nodded as he looked away from the latter. Finally, school was over and all eight males were walking down the slightly crowded hallway so they could leave to celebrate about the news Taehyung gave them. They were all at a restaurant call Hopes World Buffet. Yumiko put on his best fake smile that his face could muster so the others wouldn't worry.

This is Tae's time, not mine. I'll just have to wait and keep this mask on. No matter how much I loath wearing them. The male thought as he looked at Taehyung, a small and genuine smile playing on his lips. "Hey Yumiko, I was wondering, where were you when we were all looking for you?" Taehyung asked catching everyone's attention. Yumiko looked at Taehyung with wide eyes and blinked thrice. 'I- uhm, I was on the rooftop," he said with a small stutter.

"Are you sure? Because when Hoseok hyung looked, you weren't there." Jimin said as adding himself into the conversation. "I'm sure. I was just someone hidden that couldn't be seen so easily. I just wanted to be left alone at the time," Yumiko said. Before another member could add something, Yumiko spoke again saying, "let's just change the subject. We're supposed to be here for the celebration of Taehyung's parents not splitting up and that's what we're going to do."

Everyone silent nodded and after a while of silence they were back to talking and joking like nothing happened before. Occasionally, Yumiko would join in on the conversation when it was something he knew about, but other than that he would continue to eat in his own little world of silence. After the celebration everyone went their separate ways except for Yoongi, who stayed behind to talk to Yumiko.

It was awkward between the three. Hoseok wanted to break the silence but feeling the tense atmosphere around them was to hard to slice through. If anything, for Yumiko it was suffocation him. Once at the brothers' home, Hoseok went to bed, and Yumiko went to his room with Yoongi following close behind. As they entered his room, Yumiko sat on his bed while Yoongi shut the door and faced him with crossed arms. Can this get any more awkward? Yumiko thought with a sigh. "Explain," Yoongi said after a few minutes of staring the other down.

Yumiko gulped, finally realizing this was real and that Yoongi was serious. "Not even trying to sound rude, but why do you care? I thought Hoseok would be the one to ask about my disappearance, not you," Yumiko said crossing his arms. Yoongi stepped closer, making Yumiko lean back. "W- What are you doing?" Yumiko asked as heat rose to his cheeks.

"Don't think you can easily get out of this. It doesn't matter if I care or not, you made Hoseok worry, along with Taehyung and the others. Do you think I liked hearing them complain about not knowing where you were? Trust me, it wasn't fun. Now you're going to tell me what happened for you to just ditch classes and hide on the roof and I'm not caring if you like it or not." Yoongi said as he stepped closer to the male.

The more Yumiko leaned back, the more Yoongi stepped closer and soon he had on knee on the bed with the other between Yumiko's legs. His hands were in fists as they held him up and over the shorter male who had his back on the soft mattress and blankets. Yumiko looked up at Yoongi with wide eyes as his breath was caught up in his throat.


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