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It's a bad dream
Just a bad dream
The locked room and bloody candles
Frighten me as some riddles

The earth shook on a beam
It just a bad dream
Stars were gazed me
The moon was frighten me

The Angels of god were drop me
In a garden of rose and cure
I drank the fruity juice from there
And ate a piece of yummy cake

At the end of the garden
I saw the candle with a demon
The Angels ran to me
And send a message for me

Yes,that's the point of fire
The point of lie
I saw the roses there
Which dieing in fire

There is black
All are black
The garden was black
The roses also black

It's a bad dream
It must be a bad dream
Still they are fighting for us
The fight of demons and angels


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    Jun 22, 2020

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