Keep On Going Without You Read Count : 8

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A while back the first day we first met 

the memory, I had with you 

it’s lit my smile like a sunlight,

whatever you’re around the campus

got to see me in person 

hangout with you. 

Why you have to leave this college? 

I’d won’t see you anywhere 

while I’m in my class in this college

you say you’ve friends here to spend time with 

you’ll see me in person outside of school”, 

you’re right I shouldn’t have to worry about it,

I just don’t want to keep on going without you, 

try my best to hold on to my tears not to show 

any sign of sadness don’t anybody that I meet 

see me weak. 

How could I keep on going without you? 

I know you want to focus on important 

stuff first, so you can make my dream come true 

I know how much you love me deeply, 

you want to reach your goals 

to make plan for our future together 

make my dream come true. 

Wouldn’t I know this earlier? 

I don’t know what our future hold for us 

someday in the near future, 

we’ll get married to each other 

for right now all I want to say is 

I can’t keep on going without you. 


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    Jun 22, 2020

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