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How many of us have a hard time finding things to be grateful for each day?
I am negative by nature from all the torture I've been through since childhood, but I can share with you what I was taught in order to rise above it.
1. Write a list of at least 5 things Your thankful for each day. Doing this will help you to recognize the positives more in your life.
2. Stay away from all things negative. If someone your around makes you feel drained mentally, emotionally, or physically get away from them, they are toxic.
3. Get a hobby that you enjoy doing. By getting into your hobbies you are building a foundation to incorporate more positive's in your life.
4. Get a pet if your lonely. They make great companions and their love has no bounds unlike humans.
5. Take care of your body for it is the temple the bible talks about. If your temple is not cared for properly then your temple slowly starts deteriorating.


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    Jun 22, 2020

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