REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#15) Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
Della  found Balvin so much but she can't find him. But at last she found him in evening. He was sat under a tree. Della sat with him and then Balvin said "I can't believe it King Helorrx  killed my father" Then Della replied "My love do you really think that King Helorrx was the cause of yours father's death" Then Balvin looked at Della and said "What do you mean. He conferenced this. So why you saying this?" Then Della replied "You don't listen him completely. I think there is something that we don't know and I know who gonna tell us!" Balvin understood and said "Hatrex! I must talk with him in hard way" After this he transformed into Dark Knight and flew towards Firex. Della ran towards castle and described all to King. Helorrx stood up and said in worry "Oh no! Balvin is in a big danger! We have to help him. Hatrex  have a magic. If Balvin transformed in front of Hatrex he can destabilise the spirit of Dark Knight for a minute and Balvin became a easy bit for Hatrex! And Hatrex is a great and dangerous knight of our Kingdom too. Balvin can't defeat him like this!" Helorrx loudly called his all army and got ready for the battle. But he got a message from the hospital. The delivery of Electra has been completed successfully. Then Helorrx reached at the hospital with a beautiful bunch of fire and lightning dimonds flowers. He picked up his baby and when he looked at him he became so happy because he was a baby prince. When Electra saw him in battle armor she said "Why you wearing this now and where is Balvin?" Then Helorrx took a deep breath and said "Balvin is in  a big danger. I must have to go and if I don't return the next King of Zakandlas will be Balvin." Then the baby prince started crying. "Okay so you have been desided. Tell me what will be the name of our prince?" Helorrx picked him up and said "His name will be ATLAN Prince Atlan. And he will eleminate every evilness." After this he kissed Electra and leaved with tears. After this a strange firexen standing in the way of Helorrx. He was covered him self with a red clove. He was a magician. King Hellorrx putted out Blazing Trident and said "Who are you show your self!" Then that magician attacked but not on Helorrx. A group evil magicians ran towards hospital for destroying them. Then they both started fight. When Dark Knight reached at Firex a strange silence was indigating a big danger. Then after a wile so many lazers shoot Dark Knight at once. He can't stabled him self and fell down Then Hatrex trapped him and said "My plan has been successed! Now I will kill you!" At hospital Helorrx and that magician killed all evil magician. Then that magician said "My king my name is BLAZE and I know everything about Hatrex black magic. Please alow me to help you and safe Balvin" Helorrx except this and then Blaze hold the hand of King and teleported them self directly at Firex. And when they reached there Hatrex shooted a fire ball on Balvin but then Helorrx came at the front of and pushed him backwards and beared the fire ball and fell down. 



  • Jul 03, 2020

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