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   Many of us may have been born in the United States, but that does not mean we originated from our homeland. As statues fall of Confederate soldiers, I hear complaints of trying to undo history. The civil war was the bloodiest battle America has ever faced killing an estimated number  almost 750,000 troops not including families who were caught in the middle of skirmishes or civilians killed by accident. It was estimated some children as young as 14 to 18 had been killed or captured. 
   The statues are a false representation of what the United States of America stands for.  Historically, when the U.S.A. wanted to abolish slavery the passed a bill, yet the most southern states did not want to abide by the new law. Instead, they broke away from the United States of America creating the CSA, or better known as the Confederate States of America. Instead of abiding by a humanitarian law, they wanted to continue using slaves so they could sit down and enjoy the life of luxury, while feeding off the hard work of other people. They continued to abuse slaves, and this is where things began to ask away.
   It was not long afterwards, war broke out between the states while they tried to take over more territory. As time passed, many families in the middle ended up being killed or wrongfully imprisoned by either side. The abuse in danger of living in this time was a high-risk, as even children couldn't safely walk in the forced outside their house without fearing being taken captive for staring down the barrel of a rifle. Farms were forced to requisition supplies to one side or the other, many of the farmers being coerced or extorted in order to accomplish this ask. This was the worst evidence we had seen, of American descent into madness and immorality. The The level destruction during this time almost impossible to calculate.
   Yet the statues of these people who were being used as political tools for selfish gain stand today. It is a misrepresentation of America and everything that we stand for. Many people would say, that we are trying to erase history. That is not true, you cannot simply erased history as it stands. We are trying to simply correct a wrong which needs to be righted. We have many unsung heroes in American history. Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American to be published, whose work was used encourage the fight for African American freedom was one of these people.
   It is not wrong to seek freedom, as long as it does not interfere with another one's freedom. We must realize the impact of our moral choices that we make, and examine the reason for what we stand for before we make a choice. I believe deep down that all lives matter, and if I ignore the plight of those who are being abused then I have failed not only failed those people, but I have failed myself in turn. Each one of us can impact someone's life in ways that we cannot imagine. We don't always know what will happen in the future, but if what is happening in the present is horrifying, we must at least make the effort to stop it.


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