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I'm searching about the happiness 
Never want to give up ..i want to be happy as much as possible ...but people don't allow me to be happy ....sometimes i think they do it in purpose ..deviles ?? What can i call them..? But .  ... Sometimes ..i just wanna let go of everything ..let them talk , do ...whatever ! It's between themselves..for sure they'll be punished someday ..hope they get to know this sooner before it's too late...not worried for them but for the people who gonna get hurt because of them...WHATEVER..people will never leave you alone even if you're the perfection itself ( which than can never happen ) ...WHATEVER they can hate me but i'll still love myself.✨


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • Happiness isn't a destination you can go to.Happiness isn't out there, it is within you. If you are affected by other people's behaviour, which resulted in making you unhappy, that is not on them, that is on you. Why? Because you gave them the power to get to you, to affect your thoughts and emotions. They are powerless without your consent. Think about that.💜

    Jun 22, 2020

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