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The night came to condemn me 
To share the bed again
 With this black loneliness, 
Which poisoned my soul 
With pain and disappointments. 

I close my tired eyes
 And I let my sick mind
 Drives miles to the places, 
Where I lost pieces of myself. 

I met a smiling face, 
What once believed in love, 
Before being betrayed 
By those it really loved. 

Strange reactions, 
The same mirror reflects two realities. The man I was yesterday,
 Became just a stranger today.

 I went to other places, 
With different people, 
I touched the skin full of scars. 
They hit me with heavy words,
 And today, 
I have traces everywhere. 

I am like a glass 
That was broken many times, 
And although it was glued, 
The bits are still on the ground. 

What I have become is unrecognizable,
 But I know that I have many more storms
 To go through them,
 Always with dignity, alone.


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • but the problems came to make us even stronger's okay to be alone when you're strong right ?? you don't need people who only know your in your happy moments and leave you in your sad ones..i'm into being alone even if it hurts

    Jun 21, 2020

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