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Learn to value people, 
Do not treat them as objects.
 Learn to value the love,
 And then, share your feelings.

 Learn to value feelings 
And not material things. 
Learn to give 
The true measure of time. 

Learn to give yourself Value and be worthy. 
Always be a blessing
In another's lessons.

 Learn from life 
What you cannot learn in school.
 Learn from nature 
To give freely love for everyone. 

Learn from parents 
The unconditional love for children. 
Learn from their grandparents
 About their true story. 

Learn from the sun that you can shine,
 No matter how much trouble you can have.
 Learn to be fair to everyone 
And not judge harshly another soul. 

As long as you live, 
You always have to learn. 
If you want to grow,
 You have to get up 
And make things go. 

That makes you 
Responsible and mature.
 First of all, 
Give yourself the value.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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