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Live without fear of failure, 
Love without fear of being hurt. 
Be honest, even if someone
 Can lie to you behind your back.

 Be the best version of yourself. 
Live your feelings, 
Explore your love, 
Ah! Such as guilty feelings! 

With everyone against,
 Don't give up. 
Believe me, 
Time will bring to you
 Something different this time.

 Love without shame, 
Only you have received 
The power of your life. 
Be friendly. 

Love freely, 
Do not hide your locks in your soul, 
Love yourself as much, 
As you are capable to put your love
 Into the other's hands. 

We are the only ones
 Able to make ourselves happy,
 And to offer our own happiness.
 To see the others smiling.


  • Thank you for the motivation.

    Jun 21, 2020

  • Jun 21, 2020

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