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I don’t like the sound

of their rising voices 

at each other, she begins 

scream my name out loud, 

it’s get under my skin. 

Why they have to argue at each other? 

Why she screams my name out loud? 

They didn’t know how much 

their argue affect me in certain ways, 

make me lock myself in my bedroom 

never come out, I wouldn’t be in my room

if wasn’t for them arguing, and shout out my name. 

Do they ever know their arguing affect me?  

I know the reason why I’m in my bedroom 

all the time because of their arguing, if I hear 

them hollered, it’s get under my skin make me lock myself in dormitory. 

When is the day without arguing? 

I adore them a lot just their 

argue just get under my skin, 

it’s make me burning hot like a sun 

there argue cause me easily get annoy, 

I still love them into pieces I just don’t 

like when they argue all the time. 

Would they ever have well rested break? 

A while back I never had these strong emotions 

until I grow older, I begin to have these feelings 

within me, in certain things can affect me including their argue as well, I try my best 

not to feel strong emotions get into me. 


  • Jun 21, 2020

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