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Traces of you through my soul.
 Memories in mind are loading. 
You kicked me and left me poison.
 I always thought you were the right person. 

Traces of voices are heard in the echo. 
I don't know why, 
All the time you call me back. 
When I prefer to run. 

Traces of love,
 Flow through my veins. 
Traces of wounds, 
Still unhealthy. 

Screams and punches in the walls, 
I feel helpless, trying not to fall. 
Traces of blows on the hand,
 Wild scratches.

 Permanently arguing, 
I have no reason to understand. 
The door is open, 
I give you freedom to release my hand. 

It's already too much 
And everything is toxic.
 Maybe your happiness 
Is in another person.


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • Wow

    Jun 21, 2020

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