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I have one fear and that fear is having to depend on other's to take care of me,
It is not good to depend on other's, for others will always let you down.
But I knew this day would come,  I've been preparing for it for over 20 years.
Why now though? Why just why! 
I got a bad hip replacement, along with a worn down knee and yesterday my cat tripped me and now I can barely walk. I know I need to go to the emergency room, but I'm scared. 
I have no trust or faith in them no more. 
It hurts it just hurts bad. If you pray, pray that I'll learn to have faith in humanity again, pray that I'll learn to trust them once more. I use to pray for other's all the time, now I just pray for karma. Yah I'm that messed up mentally over the hate crime pulled on me by my town and government


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