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Just because I love you, 
Doesn't mean you have to hurt me.
 Just because I understand you, 
You don't have to tell me lies.

 You're in someone's dream, 
You don't have to wake him up. 
You also know that often 
The reality is painful enough.

Just because I trusted you, 
Doesn't mean you can betray me.
 If I'm not what you want,
 You can push me aside. 

If it rains today, 
It does not mean that tomorrow, 
The sun will not rise again.

 If I have forgiven you once, 
It does not mean, 
You have to repeat 
The same mistake several times.

 If I love you and do not receive
 your love, 
It does not mean that I cannot live 
Without your love. 

Sometimes I prefer to forget 
That I have a heart in my chest ,
And I think I can only used
 To keep me alive.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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    Jun 21, 2020

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