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She is the reason for your insomnia,
 While she is sleeping peacefully. 
This is why you don't believe in anything, 
After you've been disappointed. 

You tasted the poison from her lips. 
And her memory remained like a ghost 
That stole your heart and bite your mind. 

You're like a train with no destination 
Because she's the driver 
And you are controled- 
almost paralyzed. 

Both of you loved each other
 But at different times,
 Until now, you didn't find a way
 to cooperate.

 Alone now, alone then.
 You will be forever alone, 
If you let her the power to manage 
your life.

 Love is delusional, 
If you do not choose what is right.
 And it will never be enough
 If another doesn't give a f@#k. 

Be yourself no matter 
How much it costs you, 
Leave everything behind 
And take it from the start.


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • Amazing

    Jun 21, 2020

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