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The story starts with me playing just dance 4, when Mariah barges through the door, and yells “Kanisha! I’m ready to start filming”.

I fell on the floor, surprised by Mariah.

“Kanisha, why are you on the floor, it’s my little pony time?” asked Mariah, with a smile.

“Mariah, how many times have I told you not to run into my room yelling?” I complained, as I got up.

“Sorry, please let me film”, Mariah begged with puppy dog eyes on her knees.

“Okay, but please get up”, I said.

Mariah hugged, and said “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’re the best friend in the whole wide world”.

“Mariah, please let go”, I said.

Mariah backs up, puts the camera in front of her face, and says “Alright, I’m ready”.

I sighed, raised my watch in the air, and said “I summon the power of this watch to send to the world of television: Mlp: Friendship is magic”.

The hands on my watch start spinning around and around, a pink aura comes from my watch making a portal come out.

“Coool!” exclaimed Mariah, with the camera still close to her face.

I put my hand down, then walked to the portal, turned to Mariah, and said “See you later”.

Mariah waves goodbye.

I enter the portal, then it disappears, and the TV turns on.

“Her adventures appear on TV, even if it’s not on the channel, impressive”, said Mariah, as she sits on my bed, with the camera still by her face.

In the portal, there are loops over loops, and I start to change into an earth pony with a long orange mane, yellow skin, a long orange tail and a cutie mark: a book with three hearts around it.

“Ah!” I yelled as I got sucked into my little pony world.

(The screen fades on the moon hanging big and bright in the night sky. Most of it is covered in a faint shadow, leaving a bright crescent around one edge. Three stars twinkle prominently near it as the camera slowly pivots downward through a sky in which the sun is sinking toward the horizon. It passes an overhead shot of the Crystal Empire, then moves on to the road leading through the grassy outskirts and finally stops at the train station. A train chugs up and hisses to a stop; cut to the platform. Excited murmuring can be heard in the distance, its source revealed when the train pulls away—Twilight Sparkle, her friends, and Spike following the path toward the glimmering city.)

I appeared in the show with The Main 6 and Spike.

(The screen cut to a close-up of us passing along one of its streets, with only Rainbow Dash flying overhead and Spike towing a wheeled suitcase. Applejack walks alongside Twilight as the others spread out.)

“I’m back”, I whispered, walking with my hooves. “It’s been so long”.

I turn to the mane 6 and see pinkie pie jumping high, saying in an echo “It’s like you want to jump up and down and yell, “YAY ME!!” 

Then, Pinkie pie curls herself into a ball, rocking back and forth, and in a small voice says,“But you also want to curl up in a teeny tiny ball and hide at the same time”.

I laughed at Pinkie pie in silence.

Twilight notices me.

“What do you think, Kanisha?” Twilight asked me.

“There’s no need to worry, you will be just fine, after all you got us by your side”, I insisted, with my hoof over Twilight’s shoulder.

Rarity, on the edge of total panic, races up to Twilight.

"Twilight!" Rarity panicked.

"Oh, sorry, darling, but I just realized you’re not wearing your crown", Rarity with a calmer voice, while touching Twilight's face/bends her head down.

"You haven’t forgotten it back in Ponyville, have you?" asked Twilight, she looks Twilight in the eye. 

"It’s in my bag", said Twilight. 

Spike pats the suitcase; Rarity backs off.

"Just feel a little self-conscious about wearing it", said Twilight.

Twilight's wings—newly acquired as of “Magical Mystery Cure”—suddenly spread upward, and she eyes them with visible trepidation.

 "Haven’t really gotten accustomed to these yet, either", said Twilight, flapping a bit

A bit more wing work causes Twilight to hover lopsidedly just above the ground for a few seconds, after which she thuds down on her belly.

"You are a princess now, Twilight. Embrace it. I’m telling you, if I had a crown like that, I would never take it off. Why, I’d sleep in the thing", said Rarity.

I rolled my eyes.

Twilight gives a slightly exasperated smile.

(The screen close-up on two closed doors, which swing open to reveal the throne room of the Crystal Castle. Crystal-pony guards on either side of the pink-carpeted aisle blow a fanfare, and the other three Princesses stand before the throne. Celestia is in the center, Luna and Cadence to her right and left, respectively. Of the visitors, the most taken aback by this greeting is Twilight, who advances wandering along the carpet. Not paying attention to where she is going, she veers off and bumps into a pegasus guard stallion whose yellow-tan coat is nearly the same shade as the gold armor he wears. His tail and helmet crest exhibit two shades of deep blue, and his eyes are a lighter but still vivid blue)

"Her Highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle!" announced Guard.

Giggling, Cadence steps across to her, with Celestia not far behind; the sisters-in-law nuzzle happily.

"Twilight! I haven’t seen you since the coronation", said Cadence, by Twilight.

Luna joins them.

"We have so much to discuss," said Celestia.

Twilight’s friends step in.

"But it can wait until tomorrow. You all look tired from your journey. Now off to bed, all of you", Celestia noticed.

They exit amid a flurry of chatter and a few excited outbursts from Pinkie.

(The screen shows  Twilight and Spike in a bedroom lit only by a lamp on a nightstand and a broad shaft of soft moonlight through the windows. She is using her magic to unpack her suitcase, while he makes up a small bed in a basket that sits on the floor not far from hers. A stack of books is first to go in a drawer; next she levitates out her tiara and regards it worriedly for a moment. A quick spin puts it the right way around, and she settles it on her head and ponders her reflection in a mirror. She sigh prompts Spike to pause in making his bed.)

Then there's a knock on the door.

"Knock, Knock", I said, as I opened the door.

"Kanisha, what's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm fine, you don't need to check on me, you should get some sleep", Twilight insisted.

"But, you got that worried look on your face", I pointed out.

"I guess I am a little worried, Princess Cadence was given the Crystal Empire to rule over. What if now that I’m a princess, Celestia expects me to lead a kingdom of my own?" Twilight admitted.

"That would be absolutely amazing in every way", I felt with stars in my eyes.

"Yeah, that would be awesome", Spike agreed with me.

"No, it would not, Just because I have this crown and these wings, it doesn’t mean I’ll be a good leader!" Twilight disagreed with us.

Twilight takes off her crown.

"I strongly disagree with Twilight", I said, with a serious  face.

"Twilight, you're a great leader, but you should get some rest", said spike, tucking Twilight in the bed.

"Kanisha, you want to sleep in here with us?" Twilight asks.

"I don't think there's enough room, but I can change that", I said, grabbing a pen and notebook out of my bag.

After that, a floating bed appeared, and I jumped to it.

"Goodnight", I said.

"Night", said Twilight and Spike shocked.

A click, and the lamp is out to darken the room. He drops o.s. toward his bed with a contented sigh; cut to an overhead shot of the entire room, the silence punctuated only by a bit of wind whistling past the window. The winged unicorn moans softly to herself as she settles down, and the camera cuts to an extreme close-up of the snoozing Spike’s face. His trip to dreamland ends very suddenly with the sound of a rustle and groan.

 "Can’t…" groaned Twilight.

I looked down at Twilight.

Spike sits up and looks toward the bed, the camera panning to frame both it and one occupant whose wings steadfastly refuse to behave themselves, no matter how she wrestles with them.

"…tuck…" Twilight mumbles.

Twilight flips onto her side with a groan, only for one of her wings to spring out from under the blanket.

"Just trying to get comfortable!" said Twilight, sitting up, and shoving her wing down.

Twilight lies down, the camera zooming in slowly—and then it quickly zooms out to frame both wings popping away from her flanks and dumping the blanket over her in an untidy heap. A fed-up groan issues from beneath the cloth. The entire view fades to black except for the six-pointed star jewel in her tiara, which slowly floats to the right as the credits.


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