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You were the answer to my questions, 
You were the fulfilled desire of a prayer. 
You were the solution to my problems. 

From the lock, you had more keys. 
Now what will happen?
 When did you disappear 
Without saying something? 

You were the fireworks lighting up
 the sky,
 You were the dream of daily routine. 
You were hoping that everything would end well. 
You were special to the soul. 

What will happen to love? 
Will it disappear in time? 
You were the star that guided me, 
You were the heart that protected me. 

What are you gonna tell me?
 When everything became the opposite.
 But what about us?
 What else can be saved? 

I don't want to burn before the deadline. And all our promises? 
Confidence has become a sin. 
What will happen with all of them?


  • Jun 21, 2020

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    Jun 21, 2020

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