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You told me I was too young
 to love you, 
But you didn't know that my heart 
Didn't know your age when it fell in love.

 You told me we were 2 people 
too different 
To complement each other, 
But we didn't even try to see 
how we can handle it.

You told me that your heart 
is too frozen
 And this makes you unable to love,
 But are you able to give the love
 for yourself? 

You told me so many things against me, 
I sill start to think that these were
 just reasons.

 Tell me it's all my fault
 that I still love you,
 And you can't accept my love.

 Tell me l'm not the person
 Who makes you happy in the end.
 I know,
 I've said it a thousand times. 

Love cannot be demanded,
 it's out of control.
 But you can't forbid someone
 to love you. 
Because it is the heart that commands. So, I am really sorry but I really care.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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