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The society tells us 
That we need money to be rich. 
The church tells us 
That we must have faith 
to believe in God. 

The school tells us 
That we need education to be polite.
 In the case of love, 
Only the heart has the right
 to choose for us. 

Turn on the radio,
 Now I want to taste the freedom. 
Your sincere embrace 
Can forgives all the sinners.

 With your simple presence 
It makes me feel 
The richest man on this little town. 

The value of man
 Is not given by money. 
Faith makes you help 
other people in needed, 
Without waiting for the reward. 

Education depends on you,
 You can be a good man 
With only a high school. 

Who am I to tell to a heart 
What is allowed to love?
 When I cannot feel for all the people
 What I can feel with a simple man. 

Life is short, 
Smile more and more. 
Let people occupy 
All the space in your heart, loving them.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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