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How many times 
Do I have to love
And not be loved?
 Honestly, I can't even remember the number.

The negative answers freeze my soul.
I don't want to be a loser anymore.
 I chose to live without my feelings.
 Because, don't want to send it
For those who don't need it.

I don't want my heart broken
 In thousands of pieces.
 This is not the meaning
 Of being in love so deeply.

I always say it will be different,
 But it's almost the same.
 That all or nothing,
Can release all my pain.

If you would listen to me,
You could understand.
And you wouldn't judge me
Without knowing my reasons.

 But I understand you,
 It is much easier
To say that you want to leave
 And find always an escape.

 And I remain with the wounded soul,
Because from your game,
 I didn't know how to get out in time.

 Too late now,
The bullet hit my heart
And threw me to the ground.

You could save me,
But you were too busy
To laugh about the love
That made me bleeding.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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