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I was afraid to ask because 
I already knew the answer.
 Your love is gone
 Before it starts to burn. 
And all my attempts 
To conquer you, were in vain. 

Wondering what to do now? 
I feel like I'm in desert. 
I know that there is no reason 
To hold me close to you 
Because you will leave anyway. 

And what am I going to do
 With this flame that burns my chest?
 Where there was a flame, 
There will always be a wound. 

How many times 
Do I get up again and try? 
Always knocking on closed doors,
 Embracing cold arms.

 Tears flow for nothing, 
Nothing can be done. 
The lights will be off, 
Just like the hope that you will return. 

But I will try again to forget 
A person who cannot love me. 
However much I would like
 That you can give me love. 

I say goodbye, 
Goodbye my lover. 
We are not born to be for each other.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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