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When you are different 
You are judged by the rest. 
They do not want to admit
 That you can feel diverse.

 Dark in color, 
Who's going to count. 
How many nights I failed
 before falling asleep. 

You're vulnerable 
Being hit by everyone.
 And you wonder if 
Will be a savior to protect you? 

With sad eyes and the crossed hands, 
You want to save a world
 That does not trust again in everybody. 

Love is the only house I go to, 
Let the hate and follow me.
 With closed mouth 
and immature thinking, 
You will never get out of the shell. 

With evidence always against, 
You will not find out 
The other side of the truth. 

Said by the other mouth. 
We always make jokes 
But we don't put ourselves
 In the other's place 
At least for just a second. 

We always crave
 For someone else's things,
 And we think that
 What we already have is never enough. 

Maybe we will learn in the end
 That behind every person
 There is a story of life. 
About it is better not to say anything about.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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