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Only a few are truly happy. 
The rest, just dream of it. 
When your heart vibrates,
 You can feel blessed in life. 

Of these thousands of kisses, 
Only a few can melt the heart. 
The rest remain on the body 
And will be wiped out,
 When you will take the shower. 

Of all the people who touch you, 
You will miss the touch of a hand. 
The place where you
 Rested the head from evening till dawn. 

Of all the words, 
You like it the most,
 When your loved one Says to you :"Darling, Je t'aime!" 

Of all the types of people,
 You like the ones 
Who don't take advantage
 Of your weaknesses. 

Those who are able 
To keep all your secrets.
Of all the music 
You listened to,
 You keep only the one 
That changed your mood.

 Of all the words,
 The hardest thing is to say
: "I'm sorry", 
Because you know,
 That sometimes
 it's too late for apologies.

 From my life,
 I understood
 That all the time,
 We are just looking 
For a place where we can feel 
our hearts healthy.

 For this, 
We need detoxification about the sick love, 
To realize that we deserve
 Much more than we think we need.


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • Jun 21, 2020

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