Would’ve Feel Hurt Read Count : 10

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I’ve been in a deep pain 

always feel self-conscious 

what would you say to her, 

about my mistakes and things

I did that hurt you deeply,

you talk to her get back at me 

consistently wounded me 

time and time again. 

Could you don’t hurt my feelings? 

You say to me you do the same thing 

to me, a while back you been hurt me by 

talk to her about me and my mistakes”, 

I’ve been stop contact her for months 

I’ll never contact her anymore 

if I do I would hurt you. 

How could you two hurt me like that? 

I would’ve felt hurt if you understand 

how it’s affect me in certain ways, 

I would appreciate, if you never don’t hurt me

ever again. 

If you say I promise I wouldn’t hurt you again”, 

keep on doing it about a thousand times 

I can’t trust you anymore, 

you have broke our promise. 

Why are you doing this to me? 

I thought we can work it out 

only with two of us nobody else, 

I just want our relationship bond 

 be unbreakable, you’re breaking it. 

Wouldn’t you stop make it even worse? 

If we have a problem with each other

talk it out, work it out didn’t put her 

in the middle, it’s will make it into 

crumple of a mess. 

Could we make our relationship stronger? 

You’ve avoided this happens between us 

just make this better not worse, if we misunderstand and arguing get us heated 

we’ve calm down, let’s have personal meeting 

listen to each side find a solution find a way to solve it with each other that way we would’ve felt hurt in both side. 


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