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There once was a boy and a girl
Who's paths would cross and change their world
The boy asked the girl to play
The girl willingly without thinking said, "Okay!"
They played an innocent game of chess
Which would later turn out to be a mess
The girl fell for his charm
Though the boy didn't mean any harm
For him it was only a game
A game that brought the girl to shame
Yet the girl never counted her losses
All she focused on was on the boy who brought her happiness
Not the kind of happiness she needed but imagined
Nonetheless, she loved and continued the game blinded
By the thought of spending time with her new found friend
But all things come to an end
Although, the girl didn't want to leave him
The girl had forfeit the whim
Now she contemplates and reminisces
Of the boy she truly misses
And of his whereabouts
For there is no doubt
That even though this was child's play
It was destined to meet in the way
And maybe cross paths again some day


  • Jun 21, 2020

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