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When I go to sleep, 
I dedicate you all my dreams.
 I dream that you are close to me, 
And I can feel your breath.

 I don't know if 
I'm wrong or I'm right, 
But I'm addicted to you
 until my last blink. 

You protect me with your strong arms,
 I feel that the world
 Is confined to us,
 united by love. 

When I go to bed and I close my eyes, 
Your pretty face across my mind. 

But you're too far, 
And I don't know
 If we'll ever see each other. 

The dream is the only safe place
 Where I can you feel mine. 
I am missing and no one 
Will fill my empty spaces, 
Because no one will be like you. 

The mornings are deserted, 
Because I do not find you here.
 And I wonder if it was a dream
 Or you just waken up before me.

 I want you near, 
to fall asleep for real in your arms, 
Not to be hurt by the distance 
It ruins my life.


  • Jun 21, 2020

  • 👏

    Jun 22, 2020

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