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God, let me be happy,
 Don't put me so many obstacles
 in my way.
 Let be her my destiny,
 Being loved by the person I need.

Sweetheart, don't let 
Our love disappear. 
Once the fire is out, 
We can hardly make light it again. 

I don't want tomorrow 
To turn us into strangers.
 God, I don't want to lose her. 
I beg you through tears! 

Over the years, 
I didn't put away my childhood. 
Don't steal my memories, 
Because that's all that I have
 at my age.

 Love, don't burn my heart, 
Because I would become very cold. 
The thought that I do not know
 What will happen, 
Makes me vulnerable in front of disaster. 

I want to achieve happiness 
With my own hands, 
Without depending 
By anyone so much.

Let me sing, 
Let me dance, 
Let me hope that tomorrow 
Will bring me the next trip,
 trying to grow.

 Let me dream, 
Let me draw, 
Let me be strong.

 Leave my family close,
 Leave my friends,
 Drive away this loneliness. 

Leave me the poems
 And the starry sky,
 Let me be myself 
Without being judged 
for what I really am...


  • Jun 21, 2020

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