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Love is the temptation,
 That makes the heart sin.
 It falls on your shoulders
 Like summer rains. 

It makes you burn
 Your soul for a splash. 
In large quantities, 
It can be dangerous. 

Will create addiction for your body. 
To bring you out of your mind. 
Love takes precedence and gives you,
 Happiness if you are loved, 
By the person you want. 

It is said that love makes you blind 
And you forgive things, 
Just to not give up to your dreams. 

Life looks like a prison,
 If no one is surrounded by the people 
They fell in love with.

 Love could be a lost game 
If no one will take the risk.
 We love words, 
Attention, sweet kisses. 
Like Good morning, 
Take care of yourself. 

I have set my heart 
To love you all my life,
 Even when there
 Will be unhappy days.

 I will be your summer rain 
In the middle of the winter. 
I would like to know if you
 can feel the same. 
Because the way you look, 
Has melted my soul.


  • Jun 21, 2020

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