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I wish I was karma for those who lied, 
Disappointed, betrayed until now. 
To be an unfulfilled dream, 
About what it is like to love 
And not be treated with respect. 

I wanted to be a mirror 
That reflects their behavior, 
And to treat them the same way, 
They treat others. 

I would like to make them understand 
That the period of childhood has passed. 
And the feelings of others, 
Are not toys to play. 

I would like them to feel 
What it is like
 to lose your confidence in you, 
When everyone around you tells,
 That you are not capable
 To do the things you deserve it. 

We are intoxicated
 By so much hatred,
 Love is not enough 
If we are not sincere. 

We want to be loved 
But we cannot love 
And for fear of loneliness,
 We cling to people 
And condemn them to solitude. 

Being nice 
Doesn't cost you anything. 
Be honest with yourself.
 Love is about respect.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 21, 2020

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