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I thought we would always stay young, 
Being in love with each other. 
That we will hide from the world, 
To be the one for the lover. 

But why doesn't love last forever? 
Let's enjoy it until we get old.
 To dance the waltz of life 
and to be happy,
 To put a real smile on our face. 

I thought that I would be 
the piano 
Where you would make sounds, 
Knowing you were in love 
with the music, 
From the depths of your soul. 

But you turned 
To another instrument to play, 
This time you chose the guitar 
And you needed another
 kind of person to complete you. 

Love lasts if you know
 how to administer it, 
In small drops every day. 
Also, it is fragile, 
And you risk losing it. 

I gave you the space you needed. 
Because if you really loved me, 
You wouldn't have given up, 
Being with someone else, 
cheating on me.

 Now, it's just a song you
 don't play anymore 
Because you no longer identify with it, 
You have changed a lot, 
Or maybe I look at you now, 
with different eyes.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Nice

    Jun 21, 2020

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