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If it's my life, 
Let me live it
 The way I want,
 Until I'm leaving this Earth. 

If I have to pay 
For my mistakes,
 Let me be indebted
 Until I will go out.

 If you don't like
 Anything about me, move on. 
You don't have to stay,
 Until you will find a good reason. 

It is my life and it is my responsability
 To put in harmony 
My mind with my body. 

By the way, 
I don't need someone
 Who likes to tell me lies. 
It is my life and I live by my rules.

 Do not expect me to change
 to please you. 
Don't count my sins
 Because I guess you are not counting yours. 

I was born to be happy, 
I am not perfect.
 I have died so many times,
 That I have become immune
 When somebody want to ruin
 my feelings.

 Let me make my life 
A never ending party. 
Anyone is invited if they 
Will dance the way, 
They taught me to dance.

 I do not want to die in old age, 
Depending by others,
 You can tell to my grandchildren 
That I reached my happiness alone.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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