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Like the children who love stories, 
So did I fall in love with you. 
You're a fairy tale, 
A ghost that I only met once before. 

And since you are gone, 
I feel lost. 
And I started looking after you again. 
But you like to hide. 

You just played with my feelings 
in a bad way. 
We are always like the sun and the moon. 
Never together. 

You were sweet, you melted 
My heart when I saw you, 
But you don't want to see me.
 If you will know how hard 
An endless love can hurt.

 But I will find you, 
No matter how many kilometers 
I have to travel to reach you. 

I hope that destiny 
Will put us face to face again, 
I lost my heart when I followed my brain
 And I can no longer bring peace in my life. 

Sometimes I think I fell in love 
With someone who doesn't even exist. 
Maybe you were just an ordinary man, 
Who read me a beautiful story, 
With a lot of lies in between. 

I feel too tired to fight. 
I do not care that
 I will lose again my mind.
 Because already I feel lost.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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