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Guardian angel, 
Take my soul to a safe place. 
To hear the silence of the sea, 
Dancing with my ghost.

 In the middle of the night, 
To be surrounded by the people I loved.
 But this is almost impossible. 

Just me and an empty beach, 
Forgotten over the time. 
Nobody around to judge me.

I counted every second
 From the moment 
When the robots, 
Began to destroy this humanity. 

I sent the wind to look for love,
 To whisper in the ears of strangers
 How much someone can love.

 But they dissapeared, 
And I couldn't find nobody compatible.
 Let's make a fire to warm
 All the frozen souls. 

Maybe I can find somebody, 
To save my sad breathing
 From this heavy chest.

 I missed the sea,
 Like a puzzle I was incomplete. 
Tonight there is no one but me, 
And the moon witnesses my sleepless nights. 

Sometimes you have to die to feel alive, 
It's like a release from the chains of sins, 
The one who does not have you, 
Want you more and more. 

Throw my body into the sea, 
I do not want to be found. 
By the peoples who don't know
 How to fall in love.


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    Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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