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   Though there has been silence the disease which has infected and killed over 100,000 people lingers on now. The illness is not the flu, but a combination of viruses conjoined forming a brand new element. Coronavirus term was a serious misunderstanding, as several types exist in animals. Thus they renamed it Covid 19, people are still contracting the illness, and some friends and families are dying. After some states took swift action, the numbers appeared to be decreasing. The truth was the lawmakers were so afraid of losing their "elections", they covered up millions of people who contracted the virus.
   Conservatives claimed the illness was a deception by the Democrats. It was no deception and the more we learned the more terrifying it became. As time progressed, we understand more about this infectious disease. We warned that attacks the immune system directly, and most people at risk of dying have vitamin deficiency which is weakening their immune system. We have discovered it effects organs and muscles directly including the brain, heart, and the lungs. It is no Illness but a curse laid upon mankind for our ignorance in understanding the world around this. How dangerous it is to attempt to control or influence the world around us.
   Unlike what President Donald Trump said, diseases don't just disappear when it gets warm. Most of diseases fester in the heat, and are debilitated by the cold. As a cruise ship was not allowed to dock when it was first discovered that some of the crew had covid-19, they discovered that it could last for weeks on a hard surface. People who have developed the illness could still be carrying it months after recovering, and some of them haven't even fully recovered from the illness itself. An illusion, like walking into the eye of the storm and expecting that you won't see any more rain, thunder, or lightning.
   With all of this said, I am deeply encouraged by not only the youth and the humanity that I see in those who want to protect each other, but the courage of every single individual I see. Stuck with wearing a mask uncomfortably set on your face for hours can really draw in perspective what healthcare workers go through on a daily basis to protect our health. The discomfort for some individuals, obvious because they refuse to wear the masks. Some just refuse to do it because they don't understand that they are a risk just like any other individual out there who may or may not have contracted the Coronavirus.
   Moving forward to reopen the country with strict guidelines may be a good idea. However, we should understand that following these guidelines is necessary because the illness is real. It is a major threat not only to our own household, but the people and households around us. Even though the elderly get infected, this disease could infect anyone. Although the cases may be rare as far as children, we should serve in whatever possible way to protect the young and ensure they have a better future to look forward to. Just because there are some things that you cannot see doesn't make them real.
   As you look towards something, you may learn it becomes much more real as you approach it. Stay safe, and do not forget that every moment you step outside doesn't just endanger yourself but other people. Be ready and willing to face the consequences for your actions. Even if you're doing something for the right reason, you can still cause harm to other individuals. Use your common sense and good reasoning before making your choices, and please know if they're truly worth the cost that you will be faced with.


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