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Love will be born out of nothing, 
And it can last forever. 
It can appear after a simple glance,
 A strong connection between them. 

Love comes when you do not seek. 
And find it where you did not expect. 
Love makes your life 
More beautiful after
crossed your path.

Love keeps you awake
 In the late hours of the night.
 Like a hurricane, 
It destroys your peace of mind, 
When you don't get along 
With your loved one. 

Love controls every heartbeat, 
And protects the heart from loneliness. 
Love makes your eyes cry, 
Then sheds tears in smiles.

 Love is the two-way road.
 That of giving and receiving. 
Love is Cupid's bow that divides in two
 a heart and connects 
These pieces to another heart.

 Love is a religion without rules, 
Love is about our feelings
 That burn in common. 

Love is not about judgment, 
Nor about war. 
Love does not create 
Conflicts or struggles. 

Love lasts for millennia 
And will never go away. 
Love warms cold hearts, 
Love is all we need to be alive.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Avhod Benewely

    Avhod Benewely


    Jun 21, 2020

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