It Is So Hard Read Count : 33

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It's so hard to find someone to trust. 
It does not matter if it is a friend or a lover. 
In this world too full of mistakes. 
I don't want to be another error.

 It's not easy to believe
 That the words you say today, 
Will not be used as a bullet 
Against you tomorrow. 

People need to be loved, 
Even if it makes them vulnerable.
 They need two arms 
To hide their feelings. 

When the heart is surrounded by walls,
 It is hard to get over it.
 When the mouth is closed, 
It is difficult to break the locks. 

Disappointment occurs when 
We have high expectations. 
But how can we live ,
Without any plan in the pocket?

 A smile will bring you back to life
 If it is from your dear man. 
When will it be okay? 
When will the hate end? 

The answer is difficult 
Because no one can know 
What can the future bring.
 Just love, just love, just love.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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