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It is difficult to see
 The love of your life 
Loving someone with whom 
Has no relationship. 

And you have no power
 To change anything about.
At least to see it happy 
No matter in what circumstance. 

Because you're awake 
Whatever you do, 
You will not be able 
To break this barrier.

 But my love 
Will never go away, 
Because the real flame of love
 Only burns once. 

And no one chooses
 What feelings to wear. 
It is a pain 
That consumes both of us,
 But mine for you ,
And yours for someone else. 

You are my love 
And you will remain 
Until the last breath,
 No matter what
 Kind of people I can meet. 

No one will be like you,
 You left your mark
 By shooting my heart,
 And now, the whole is yours. 

You are like a ghost, 
Which has constantly
 Haunting my thoughts. 

I close my eyes 
And imagine you on my right. 
It's hard to breathe
 Without keeping your breath. 

But you can never love me,
 No matter what I can do.
 And your indifference 
Kills any trace of hope.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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