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Do you know the moment
 When you find out, 
That someone has lied 
To you so many times?

 You don't know what else to do, 
Forgive or leave behind.
 Poisoned with so many lies,
 You are no longer able 
To see the truth between the lies. 

Remember that moment 
When you were disappointed
 With the best companion? 
You put all your trust in him
 And he started betrays you. 

You feel a rage inside you 
And you are aware 
That you will never 
Be with them in the same way. 

You know that moment 
When you meet someone special
 And you see that it treats you
 Like you're an ordinary person. 

You are thinking about 
Being patient or giving up.
 The heart goes crazy, 
Quarrels with the mind. 

You see your former love
 Dating with someone, 
When a few days ago,
 He promised you 
He would always be there for you.

 Your heart tightens again
 And you move on 
With tears in your eyes, 
Without ever looking back. 

You can be disappointed 
With many things,
 It just depends on
 How you manage it.

 With your head up, 
Leading forward, 
You can only lose one fight, 
But not the whole war.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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