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When the shadows of the past
 Mark your present today, 
And you still feel
 His touch after so long. 
You are aware that love 
has not disappeared. 

You soak your soul with memories, 
And after a war 
With your own feelings
 You declare yourself defeated. 

If you could hear my voice again, 
Would you recognize it?
 And if my arms would reach you, 
Would you try to push me aside?

 Would you watch my frozen eyes
 Trying to break the ice?
 If destiny were to put us face to face, 
What else would you like to talk about? 

Will I be just a stranger who loved you? 
Maybe you have erased, 
The traces of the past 
Without thinking about it. 

So many years have passed 
And it seems like it's just a day without you, 
Time is stuck when I look back, 
Looking for you again.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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