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I reminisce nineteenth
June, 1865
The day African slaves
Became free-selves
Thus commemorate the day as juneteenth.

They were freed from chains
Of fulfilling the other race's aims.
They were no longer beasts of burden
That were suddenly beaten
While toiling on their garden.

Texas's slaves became free
Two years and half after the emancipation proclamation by Abraham Lincoln,
Illustrating how some people are mean.

More than a century and half later,
The mean have not ceased
To cause injury
To our black brothers,
While the jury doesn't quench the fury
Of those seeking justice
As they too are unjust in their duties.

Still African-Americans and immigrants
Have not been fully granted
Their freedom...
They're mistreated in their American home
Yet, "Yes they Can!"

The police are supposed to defend
But they are brutal.
They even murder on video record
But the case is not recorded
In their O.B
Hence some citizens will not do A.O.B
But stand and demand
The unjust police be abolished and defunded.

This year's Juneteenth
Is observed amid the Covid-19
Pandemic and protests
For justice to George Floyd
Who was killed
When a police knelt on his neck
Till he couldn't breath.

The agitated protestors brought down
An aged federal George Washington's statue
And burned it 
Thus Trump dictates
It's won't be the same scene
If the "bandits" unrest the Tusla rally.
As Trump is making "America Great Again",
Shouldn't juneteenth be a federal holiday?


  • Jun 20, 2020

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