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I want to use it
 Until my last drop. 
If life is a story,
 I want to listen it
 Until the end.

 If life is a cigarette,
 I want to fill my lungs 
That are already
 Full of smoke.

 If life is a drug, 
At least I want to get up.
 Are we angels sent to earth
 To save others,
 Or are we our own devils? 

If life is a dance,
 Let the music flow 
Through my veins.

 When life is a song
 I don't use playblack
 On my background.

 If life is the only hope, 
Let it burn last. 
If life means suffering, 
I want medication about. 

If life is a store, 
I have the right to choose 
Which customers 
I want to attend.

 If life is rainy,
 Keep a place for 
The sunny days. 

If life is a flower, 
I want to be cryogenic.
 If life is a war,
 I want only to be victorious.

 If life is earthquake, 
I seek stability. 
If life is a beautiful dream, 
Please do not wake me up so easily. 

Drink for me, 
I want to stay awake.

 I want to live as much as can. 
Without instructions 
And without fear. 
No one will escape 
Alive from here.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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