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You feel alone 
When you get home,
 And after you're closing the door,
 No one is beside you.

 Should I pretend I didn't care?
 What can I live with so much pain? 
I look around, 
But nobody is here. 

From this deep ocean 
I just need a tear of love. 
I'm not asking for much, 
Just someone who cares.

 Sometimes I get the impression 
That I'm looking for something 
I will never find.

 You know that?
 Sometimes you need
 A miracle to survive.

 We were not born
 To live alone,
 But we will not find compatibility
 in any person we meet.

 The days pass quickly,
 But the nights drown me.
 My eyes are dry
 because I no longer find tears to cry. 

You feel alone in a world 
Where everyone is for themselves,
 In which you lose hope
 Before living your dreams. 

Loneliness is not 
So easy to live with, 
If you're not lucky in love, 
You can get used to it.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • nice

    Jun 20, 2020

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