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The earth is shaken 
By every drop of rain 
That disfigures my face 
And throws me into hell. 

I am struck 
By your failure, 
How naive I was
 To consider you the savior.

 All my senses burned,
 No tears left, 
To dispel this 
Dominant fire. 

What do you feel now 
When you hit 
The other in the back? 
And you throw it
 In the clutches of death? 

There's nothing more to do,
 You turned me into ash.
 And you pushed me down. 
Without fighting powers.

 My heart, 
Your name is called, 
Hoping that maybe
 In the last second
 You will change your mentality.

 Will I be reborn from the ashes 
And be more powerful than I was? 
I loved you, 
But you considered me like your enemy. 

Hold the gun,
 Shoot my feelings now. 
There is no sense
 In turning your head.

 Evil is done, 
You have left a dead soul behind. 
Run for happiness. 
I will pray for you. 
There was nothing more that I can do.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Linford Ayub

    Linford Ayub


    Jun 20, 2020

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