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As I told you before,
 My life means pain.
 You came here in my veins. 

 As I told you now, 
While others believe in something else. 
 I chose to believe in you,
 To believe in us.  

As I will tell you many times, 
You leave me breathless,
 When you still don't know what you want 
And you like to play. 
 Yeah, you like to play hard. 

 Tell me, 
How do you see your life without me,
 Who will wipe away your tears,
 When they fall from the gray clouds?  

Tell me,
 Will you write stories on my eyelids
 Before I fall asleep,
 To continue our story in a wonderful dream?

  As I never told you,
You could touch my heart to feel my love,
 You could touch my thoughts
 To feel you deeply inside.

  You could touch my skin
 To feel your fingerprints there
 In the depths of my cells.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Mary maria Martha

    Mary Maria Martha

    I love it.

    Jun 20, 2020

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