REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#14) Read Count : 12

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
After this shocking truth Hatrex flew away from there and ran with his left magicians towards Firex. But Dark Knight fell into a strange world of thoughts. Then King, Queen and Della came there with army. Balvin came in his original form and stood up. He looked at Helorrx and said "My King can we talk in alone?" Helorrx replied in haziness "Ye... Yes of course" Then they both went out wile all the solder knights were fixing the damages. Then Balvin asked directly to the King "My King please tell it is not true that you were gave the orders to Hatrex to kill my father?" Helorrx stay silent for a while and after a deep breath he replied "Yes I gave that orders! I was send Hatrex to killed your father!" When Balvin listened this he got shocked and ran away. Helorrx tried to stop him but he doesn't stopped. Then Queen Electra and Della came there and when Electra saw Helorrx she understood what happened. and then she said "So he finally know about his father's death? Helorrx felt so much guilty and said "It's all my fault" Then Electra said "It's not your fault. That was a mistake who's responsible is only Hatrex!" Then Della chased Balvin.


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