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I always question my purpose in life. Will I die alone or be someone's wife. Am I doing the right thing or am I not. I'm grateful That I'm healthy so I praise god a lot.There are others around me who are sick and who suffer Simply day to day things For them are much tougher To be perfectly fine And then suddenly ill To have an illness Most of us it would kill. I wish I could take Your sickness away. I pray for a miracle Several times a day. Some people are grateful When I offer them a hand Then there are others to whom I... they can't stand. I try not to showThat for them my hearts cries not to hide the truth Keep it Honest lies. Recently Mr. Pomo One day was just fine Then a week later We said our good byes. I sat in the hospital From morning to night I made him a promise He would be alright He held my hand And said "I'm scared to die" I squeezed his hand tighter And we both started to cry. I do my job With lots of love and care I try hard not to panic So them I don't scare. U never know What god has in store But I'm grateful I'm healthy So I'll thank him once more


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Light Wolf

    Light Wolf


    Jul 06, 2020

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