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Do we still find enough reasons 
To love someone else?
 When the world is full of selfishness, 
Trampling the hearts 
That still find the courage to burn. 

Why would you need the moon 
When the sun lights your way? 
Why would you need someone else 
When you love yourself enough?

 Many want to love,
 But many flee from love. 
They may be afraid to receive 
What they have to offer. 

If love means freedom, 
Why are they feeling closed?
 And why do they choose
 to break up Instead of communication? 

Love is expressed through gestures 
Rather than words. 
And you will discover 
That you will never love enough.

 Let your heart dance 
among your thoughts, 
It will be saved by true love.
 Sometimes we don't need reasons to love.
 Love the one you belong to.


  • Jun 20, 2020

  • Jun 20, 2020

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