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Thrown into the murky waters, 
Trying to find a way out. 
I feel my heart pounding inside, 
With a pressure that is hard to handle.

 The hands that want to help me,
 Are the same hands,
 That want to drive me to the hell. 

Confused and even tired,
 I do not know 
Who remains honest around there. 

Words hurt more like palms 
Because they remain
 Like a deep imprint in the soul. 

I am alone although 
Around me are just spectators.
 Some criticize me, 
Others are amused, 
By the pain I feel in each bone.

 Some bite with venom from my heart, 
Leaving a deep and poisonous wound.
 Many claim that they understand me, But no one understands anyone. 

My eyes have blinded, 
I don't want to see
 Their wickedness anymore. 

Sentenced to solitude,
 I want to live in harmony with myself. 
'Cause in the end It won't even matter. Who will be there and who will not.


  • Jun 20, 2020

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